Gustav Holst | Compositions, The Music of Holst

Choral (a cappella)

Light leaves whisper (1896)Five Part-Songs Op. 9A (1897-1900)- Love is Enough- To Sylvia- Autumn- Come Away, Death- A Love SongAve Maria Op. 9B (1900)Five Part-Songs Op. 12 (1902-3)- Dream Tryst- Ye Little Birds- Her Eyes The Glow-Worm Lend Thee- Now is the Month of Maying- Come To MeSongs from 'The Princess' Op. 20A (1905)- Sweet and Low- The Slendour Falls- Tears, Idle Tears- O Swallow, Swallow- Now Sleeps The Crimson PetalHome they brought her warrior dead (1905)In youth is pleasure (1908)The Swallow leaves her nest (1913)Nunc dimittis (1915)Diverus and Lazarus (1916)Six Choral Folk Songs Op. 36B (1916)- I Sowed the Seeds of Love- There Was a Tree- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- The Song of the Blacksmith- I Love My Love- Swansea TownBring us in good ale Op. 34 No.4 (1916)Lullay my liking Op. 34 No.2 (1916)This have I done for my true love Op. 34 No.1 (1916)Of one that is so fair Op. 34 No.3 (1916)Sing me the men Op. 43 No.2 (1924-25)The Evening Watch Op. 43 No.1 (1924-25)Twelve Welsh Folk Songs (1930-31)- Lisa Lan- Green Grass- The Dove- Awake, Awake- The Nightingale and Linnet- The Mother-In-Law- The First Love- O 'twas on a Monday morning- My Sweetheart's Like Venus- White Summer Rose- The Lively Pair- The Lover's ComplaintWassail Song (1931)Eight canons (1932)- If You Love Songs- Lovely Venus- The Fields of Sorrow- David's Lament for Jonathan- O Strong of Heart- Truth of All Truth- Evening on the Moselle- If 'Twere the Time of LiliesO Spiritual Pilgrim (1933)Come live with me (1933)