Gustav Holst | Compositions, The Music of Holst

Choral (with varied accompaniment)

Four Old English Carols Op. 20B (1907)- A Babe is Born- Now Let Us Sing- Jesu, Thou the Virgin-Born- The Saviour of the WorldA Welcome Song (1907-8)Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda. Third Group Op. 26 No.3 (1910)- Hymn to the Dawn- Hymn to the Waters- Hymn to Vena- Hymn of the TravellersTwo Eastern Pictures (1911)- Spring- SummerA Dirge for Two Veterans (1914)Dirge and Hymeneal (1915)Terly Terlow (1916)Seven Part-Songs Op. 44 (1925-26)- Say, Who Is This?- O Love, I Complain- Angel Spirits of Sleep- When First We Met- Sorrow and Joy- Love on My Heart from Heaven Fell- Assemble, All Ye MaidensMan born to toil (1927)Eternal Father (1927)Six Choruses Op. 53 (1931-32)- Intercession- Good Friday- Drinking Song- A Love Song- How Mighty are the Sabbaths- Before Sleep