Gustav Holst | Compositions, The Music of Holst

Incidental Music (or Film Music)

The Vision of Dame Christian Op. 27A (1909)- Prelude- First Chorus: "Knowest thou not the warning"- Hymn: "Oh let us render thanks to God above"- Choral Dance: "How shall we tell of him"- FinaleStepney Pageant Op. 27B (1909)The Pageant of London (1910)The Sneezing Charm (1920)- Prelude- Song- BalletSeven Choruses from the Alcestis of Euripides (1920)- O Paian wise!- Daughet of Pelias, fare thee well- Oh, a House that loves the stranger- Ah me! Farewell- Advance, advance- I have sojourned in the Muses' land- There be many shapes of mysteryThe Coming of Christ (1927)- First Song of the Host of Heaven- Song of the Four Angels- Second Song of the Host of Heaven- First Song of the Kings- Second Song of the Kings- The Antiphonal- The Song of the Coming of ChristThe Bells (1931)