Gustav Holst | Compositions, The Music of Holst

(1926-27) The Morning of the Year Op. 45 No.2

This piece is published by Oxford.

The Morning of the Year was the first score ever commissioned by the BBC Music Department. It structure is based on alternating scenes of dance and choral interludes. The work is dedicated to the English Folk Dance Society.

The piece was not received well with the critics. The Daily News called the piece, "terribly confused artistically." Michael Short wrote "the 'Mating Dance' is too bland and folksy, and lacking in any sexual energy."

Also from Michael Short: Holst was somewhat annoyed by a report which appeared in the press after a concert, and wrote to Percy Pitt: I was sorry to read in the Evening News that I consider the new ballet my best thing since The Planets. I certainly don?t and if I did I would keep it to myself. I did tell one or two men privately that I thought it was the best thing I had written in the last two years which is a very different matter."