Gustav Holst | Compositions, The Music of Holst

Solo Voice (with varied accompaniment)

Four Songs Op. 4 (1896-98)- Margrete's Cradle-Song- Slumber-Song- Softly and Gently- Awake, my HeartÖrnulf's Drapa Op. 6 (1898)Six Songs Op. 15 (1902-03)- Invocation to the Dawn- Fain Would I Change That Note- The Sergeant's Song- In a Wood- Between Us Now- I Will Not Let Thee GoSix Songs Op. 16 (1903-04)- Calm is the Morn- My True Love Hath My Heart- Weep You No More, Sad Fountains- Lovely Kind and Kindly Loving- Cradle Song- PeaceThe Mystic Trumpeter Op. 18 (1904)The Heart Worships (1907)Hymns from the Rig Veda Op. 24 (1907-08)- Ushas (Dawn)- Varuna I (Sky)- Maruts (Stormclouds)- Indra (God of Storm & Battle)- Varuna II (The Waters)- Song of the Frogs- Vac (Speech)- Creation- Faith (Sraddha)- Battle Song (Indra and Maruts)- Manas- Funeral HymnFour Songs for voice and violin Op. 35 (1916-17)- Jesu Sweet, Now will I Sing- My Soul Has Nought but Fire and Ice- I Sing of a Maiden- My Leman is So TrueTwelve Songs Op. 48 (1929)- Persephone- Things Lovelier- Now in These Fairylands- The Thought- The Floral Bandit- A Little Music- Envoi- The Dream City- In the Street of Lost Time- Rhyme- Journey's End- Betelgeuse